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“Firgun” is a Hebrew word which means the simple, unselfish joy that something good has happened to someone else. We at Firgun Travels work hard to live by its true meaning and deliver such joy to all our clients on every single trip. Whether you’re seeking thrills and excitement, peace and serenity, a local trip or one abroad – we have something for everyone. We ensure that all our clients that come on our group trips feel safe, have a sense of belonging and hope they find and experience what they are looking for. 

It’s not about where you go, It’s about who you travel with









Lot of Choices

With at least 2 curated trips every month. We will give you plenty of options to choose from. From mountains to beaches, we have handpicked the best experiences for you

Best Tour Guide

At Firgun Travels we take your travel experience personally (literally). We travel with each group to ensure that your experience is just as enjoyable as the one we dream of everyday

Lifelong Friendships

Not only will you go home with memories of the place we visit, but you would have created lifelong memories with the people you meet, amazing bonds with like-minded strangers and the “sukoon” that travel brings with it.


Upcoming Trips

Manali – Snowy Paradise

₹ 12K


Bir - Paragliding Capital

₹ 11K


Goa - Beach, Thrill and Chill

₹ 20K


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Memories that last a lifetime. Friendships that never end

After having lived the much expected systemetic corporate lives, Kajal and Anany took to travel in the zest to explore life, its purpose and many more things besides money and success

While Anany was growing indifferent to stability that was kicking in with his monthly salaries, Kajal’s life turned around 360 degrees with what life threw at her

In August 2021, both were travelling across Kashmir with a travel company with two different group of strangers. As fate had it, they crossed paths on Tarsar-Marsar trek

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